The All Terrains are made from high-grade rubber, allowing for maximum strength and foot protection from the harsh elements below. The rubber over the duration of use is designed to mold around the foot, causing a perfect foot outline and indent, resulting in supreme comfort on your adventures.

The concept behind the AT was to create a thong that specializes in the sand and soft surfaces. The AT team spends a lot of time chasing waves and camping locations over the Southwest region. It was essential to build a product for these outdoor experiences.

We needed to create a thong that was truly capable of getting to and from the surf, tackling all types of terrains faced, with maximum comfort and style, without having any blow outs on the way. The ultimate thong that could overcome any adventure.

The AT was invented, by utilizing the surface area theory, to float over the sand and elements below. The iconic Swallowtail design was introduced, to effectively distribute the sand away from the calf/leg area when walking or in use. No sand flick no worries!.

To this day, the AT’s are the best performing thong on the sand, beach, and rocks that are currently on the market.